November 22, 2009

News on Pope and Vatigan City

Archbishop of Canterbury and Pope to 'seek afterpiece ties'

The Abbey of Canterbury all-overs easily with the Pope in Rome
The Abbey of Canterbury and the Pope agreed to seek afterpiece relations amid Anglicans and Catholics at a affair in Rome, the Vatican has said.
It follows tensions over the Vatican's action to acceptable disenchanted Anglicans into the Catholic fold.
Pope Benedict's angle would acquiesce Anglicans to catechumen while attention abounding of their traditions and practices.
A Vatican account said the "cordial" talks common "the aggregate will" to move against afterpiece relations.
It said the discussions, which lasted about bisected an hour, "also focused on contempo contest amid the Catholic Church and the Anglican Communion."

One affair is not activity to boldness the differences amid the two abandon over these absolutely ample issues that abstracted them
Duncan Kennedy, Rome correspondent
Tough activity at Vatican
It was the aboriginal affair amid the Pope and the Archbishop, Dr Rowan Williams, back the Vatican initiative.
The archbishop, who is arch of the 70 million-strong common Anglican Communion, has said he does not accept the action will abuse relations.
Some Anglicans accept accused the Pope of interfering at a acute time for the Church of England.
'Negative' issues
The Vatican says its allurement came in acknowledgment to pleas from Anglicans black about the conception of women bishops.
BBC Rome contributor Duncan Kennedy said: "The way the commentators are attractive at this is that it is acceptable the two men are talking, but absolutely one affair is not activity to boldness the differences amid the two abandon over these absolutely ample issues that abstracted them."
Dr Williams has signalled he would like to body a fresh relationship, emphasising aggregate axiological behavior rather than "negative" accessory issues such as women clergy, our contributor added.
Another account of animosity in the common Anglican accord has been the acclamation of an aboveboard gay abbey and the absolution of same-sex unions.
Under the agreement of the Pope's proposed Apostolic Constitution, groupings of Anglicans would be able to accompany "personal ordinariates".
This would acquiesce them to access abounding accord with the Catholic Church, which has added than one billion associates worldwide, but additionally bottle elements of the Anglican traditions.
The aboriginal English clergy could catechumen aboriginal abutting year.


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