December 10, 2009

End the war is peace: Obama is Nobel winner of peace

Nobel price's price is Afghanistan innocents.

Selwakumar: End of war after killing the innocent becomes more peace than now and ever.. The man Obama eligible and will be the only contestant for Nobel price for peace...

US Admiral Barack Obama will accost the Afghan war ''head-on'' back he accepts the Nobel Accord Award-winning on Thursday and abode criticism he does not deserve it so aboriginal in his presidency, admiral said.
Obama is the third sitting US president, forth with Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, to win the prize. Jimmy Carter was accustomed two decades afterwards he larboard office. Added arresting Nobel accord laureates accommodate Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr. and Mother Teresa.
Obama will acquire the award-winning aloof nine canicule afterwards he ordered 30,000 added US troops to Afghanistan to breach the drive of the Taliban. The troop announcement, so anon to the Nobel ceremony, was an ''interesting accompaniment of history'' not absent on the president, a chief administering official said.

In a arresting to Americans the brittle US abridgement and 10 per cent unemployment amount abide his top priority, Obama captivated a affair with associates of the U.S. Congress at the White House to altercate job conception afore aerial to Norway.
Americans abide afraid about the economy, nudging Obama's approval ratings to 50 per cent or beneath and potentially affliction his Democratic Party in aldermanic elections abutting year.
Some acclamation appearance that while abounding Americans are appreciative Obama is accepting the award, a majority feel it is undeserved. Abounding bodies were stunned, including some in the White House, back the Nobel board appear in October it was application the accord award-winning to Obama for ''his amazing efforts to strengthen all-embracing address and cooperation amid peoples'' and cited his advance for nuclear disarmament.
Critics alleged the accommodation premature, accustomed that Obama, who took appointment in January, had accomplished few actual assets as he grapples with challenges alignment from the war in Afghanistan and nuclear stand-offs with Iran and North Korea to altitude change.
Obama is due to accompany array of added apple leaders in Copenhagen abutting anniversary at the acme of a U.N. appointment on altitude change, although legislation to barrier greenhouse gas emissions is ashore in the US Congress.


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