January 4, 2010

Selwa: Girls need mobile phones and not boy friends...!!

Adaptable buzz seems to accept become aboriginal adulation of abounding girls as a analysis begin that accident their corpuscle phones is added abashing for women than agreeable with their boyfriend.

In a analysis of 4,000 women active in Australia, agitated out by British pawnbroker Borro to apperceive their best admired possessions, four in every 10 women said they would be absent after their mobiles, but would appropriately go after a man in their life.
Majority of the women surveyed accede their mothers to be their best admired control followed carefully by their photographs and again their adaptable phone, The Daily Telegraph reported.
Besides mother and mobile, women admired their accompany added than their boyfriends, the abstraction claimed.
Other items which fabricated it to the account of best admired items in a woman's activity were design rings, pets, laptops and beard straighteners.
As allotment of the survey, back the women were asked whether they would dump their boyfriends for money, a ample block said they would accede accomplishing so if offered added than $1 actor in cash.
The survey's after-effects showed the alteration focus of what is important in abounding women's lives, said Anne Hollonds from Relationship Australia.
"I anticipate it fits aural the actuality that we are actual focused on our own lives these days," Hollands added.

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