September 28, 2010

My common wealth games, My India, My athletes and now it is My country games

We welcome all athletes, sports people, media people, audience and all common wealth country people to have a great time in India at the great vocation of India’s proud Common wealth games 2010.

Here in international zone of CWG games is now getting more busy and engaging very quickly and started flying the flags all around the corner and our stylish Shera is started its campion for the successful event of the year..

Apart from all other controversies on the organizing committee the games sprit and the participation makes all Indian to proud at this point. Forget all for the moment and

enjoy the great event and its My India to proud and make more happiness for the people by making proud and its my athlete who is going to be the best ever and yes it is my country organizing common wealth games 2010.

September 26, 2010

My cenima this moment: Aishwarya shares Enthiran the mass

Robot is a awful technically avant-garde bilingual but filmmaker Shankar has fabricated abiding there is abundant to absorb the accepted man, says Aishwarya Rai who stars in the film. The extra says she chooses a blur on the base of her role as able-bodied as the administrator and the team. 

"When I am alive in a movie, it's not alone my allotment in the blur but the blur in accumulation (that I anticipate about). I anticipate post-Devdas, I affectionate of went on this abrupt cruise of experiencing movies," Aishwarya told in an interview.
"Of course, my allotment is important because as an amateur what you are accomplishing has to be exciting, but it's additionally the acquaintance of alive with the filmmaker, the aggregation - all these factors accomplish an befalling agitative for me."
Praising Shankar's filmmaking skills, she said, "He had to agreement with a lot of things during Jeans and for the aboriginal time I was experiencing article like that. He at that point of time brought in that abundant of technically advanced cerebration in cinema; I affectionate of learnt a lot about authoritative a blur at that time and, of course, over the years I learnt more. 

"Jeans itself was so advanced of its time and actuality he has pushed it manifold; so, obviously, it becomes added alluring and intriguing."
This is her additional blur with Shankar afterwards Jeans (1998) and the extra maintains that the USP of Shankar's filmmaking is the accent he gives to the accepted man.
"I acquainted that in all his movies with every added fresh thing, he never forgets the accepted man. He keeps in apperception how a believer would be humoured, what will be absorbing for the accepted man and what will be the faculty of fantasy for the accepted man. He brings all those elements in his cinema and more. That's why apparently you apperceive you would alarm ball as his signature," said Aishwarya.
Shankar has fabricated the blur in two languages - Robot in Hindi and Endhiran in Tamil - and they are absolution on 1st October. Apparently, fabricated at a account of Rs.175 crore ( million), it's the costliest Indian blur ever.
It was a long-awaited befalling for the extra to assignment with southern superstar Rajnikanth and Shankar together.
"There were lots of admirable account we could accept collaborated on and we could accept formed together, but my agenda didn't permit. Back Robot came, we were added than happy, the schedules affectionate of formed out.
"Even with Rajni sir, there had been several attempts to assignment together, but with him again, the agenda didn't permit. I anticipate back we all came calm for a blur like this, it accustomed me to analyze a technically way advanced film. So it was acutely a actual agitative befalling creatively," said Aishwarya.
Asked about her acquaintance of alive with Rajnikanth, she said, "Just like anybody I had apparent and apprehend about his work. We accept enjoyed his assignment as an audience. So to absolutely get to see him in being every day and see how artlessly he does it has been an experience. The way he agilely comes to the set and surprises you with his shots, aloof brings a smile to your face, which is wonderful."
After accomplishing exponentially aerial account films - Jodhaa Akbar, Raavan and now Robot, would she like to do a baby budgets film?
"Firstly, I don't say yes to the cine for their budgets; so that's not absolutely my criteria. My belief is the administrator I am alive with, the film, the character, and what I can accord to my admirers and hopefully a altered Aishwarya anniversary time," said the 36-year-old.
Ash has two added films absolution this year - Action Replayy absolution on 5th November, followed by Guzaarish on 19th November. 

"It has been exciting, the aftermost two years, authoritative these movies. Now it's time to allotment our adamantine assignment with the audience. I enjoyed administration Raavan with my audience. And now I am aflame to allotment Robot with you all," she said.

September 20, 2010

Selwakumar talk: Hot cheat story: From E-mail lottery to SMS lottery

Today I come to know that a 51 year old lady loss her Rs.4.5 lac due to SMS information. The SMS bear that her mobile number was chosen for bumper prize. The cost of the price is $4.5 million dollar and they added a mobile number to contact.

The lady believed it and called that number. They gave their bank account name and asked her to pay advance Rs.91750. She paid the amount. The very next month she had another SMS about $5 Million prize. That SMS also beard the information about the contact and bank account and has to pay advance Rs.380800. She also paid the advance after that she had not received any kind of information from the persons. So she went to the bank and checked her account and shocked that her money was dropped…

It is the big blunder of the lady. Though she was an educated she believed the fake SMS. We should think about these SMSes before we act. No one can give such a big amount freely to the unknowns.. It’s a big money so it come under police notice but every day some of the people loss some thousands of money by believing fake SMS…

September 15, 2010

Selwa: India's Man of the month. Sachin Tendulkar

This is to inform you all that Sachin Tendulkar is joined in Indian Air force... What a great move from the Master blaster and Indiaa.... Feel more proud to share with you all....