September 28, 2010

My common wealth games, My India, My athletes and now it is My country games

We welcome all athletes, sports people, media people, audience and all common wealth country people to have a great time in India at the great vocation of India’s proud Common wealth games 2010.

Here in international zone of CWG games is now getting more busy and engaging very quickly and started flying the flags all around the corner and our stylish Shera is started its campion for the successful event of the year..

Apart from all other controversies on the organizing committee the games sprit and the participation makes all Indian to proud at this point. Forget all for the moment and

enjoy the great event and its My India to proud and make more happiness for the people by making proud and its my athlete who is going to be the best ever and yes it is my country organizing common wealth games 2010.


  1. greeting for you
    wow this make me know more getting info with your common hehehe good luck yach

  2. may india will strive this controversial

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