October 15, 2010

Cancer awareness: White house becomes Pink house. Obama's Cancer awareness campaigns

This is the very good and appreciable moment by the US president Obama that he have made the "White house" to become PINK HOUSE to give awareness for woman breast cancer. every ear October is considered as breast cancer awareness month and it is the initiative from the president as the Americans are most affected by breast cancer ever.

The American Cancer Society lists that 207,000 new cancer case of invasive breast cancer in women will be diagnosed in this year and about 40,000 women will going to die from the cancer disease.


  1. idk, but. ms paris hilton looks hot. haha

  2. Cancer is human enemy... we should fight it... Cancer killed my grandparents, uncle and also my cousin..

  3. dude..seriously they paint the house to pink? man... pink house.. haha.. silly joke right?

    p/s: hot paris in pink.. haha i like!