October 29, 2010

year 2010 Top baby names in USA and UK. 2010 top baby names list from USA

Top USA baby names 2010
Last year's best accepted name for babyish boys in England has been agape off -- by Mohammed.

That's not anon accessible from abstracts put out this anniversary by the Office of National Statistics, which declared Wednesday that Oliver was the distinct best accepted name for boys built-in in 2009.

But a assay of the top 4,500 boys names shows that, back altered spellings of the name are lumped together, Mohammed is No. 1.

Top Names in US and UK:

1. Mohammed

2. Oliver

3. Jack

4. Thomas

5. Charles

Oliver and variations appear second, followed by Jack, Thomas, Charles, Harry, William and Daniel.

The United Kingdom is about 4.6 percent Muslim, with aloof beneath 2.9 actor Muslims according to the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life.

And Muslims accept a able addiction to name their sons Mohammed.

"The aboriginal acumen why bodies accumulate the children's name Mohammed is because of their adulation of the astrologer Mohammed, because they appetite to challenge him," said Imam Abdullah al-Hasan of the East London Mosque.

"They appetite to archetype him not aloof through his behavior and conduct, but additionally his name," said the imam, who is cerebration about allotment his own bairn son afterwards the architect of Islam.


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