November 18, 2010

Marriage and relationship masala: Erin Barry, Brent Barry, Tony Parker, and Eva Longoria

First, Tony Parker and Eva Longoria were accepting divorced, afresh they weren’t, afresh they were afresh (for absolute this time, from the source). And boy, it did not booty continued for things to go actively decline from there. 
Erin Barry, Brent Barry, Tony Parker, and Eva Longoria

People appear beforehand today that Longoria batten to Extra’s Mario Lopez, and appear she’d begin “hundreds of argument messages” on Parker’s buzz from addition woman. That’s bad, but this is worse: the woman was the wife of a ancient Spurs teammate.
People said that “the woman’s character wasn’t appear nor was the name of the San Antonio Spurs teammate,” but that’s what Bryan Armen Graham of Sports Illustrated is for. A abbreviate time ago, he tweeted the following:
Have it on acceptable ascendancy from ball sources that “former teammate” in Tony Parker-Eva Longoria activity is Brent Barry. 
Erin Barry, Brent Barry, Tony Parker, and Eva Longoria

That would accomplish Erin Barry the woman in question. (The Barrys are additionally – surprise, abruptness – activity through a divorce.) This is Erin Barry. This is Erin Barry with Brent Barry. This is Erin Barry, Brent Barry, and their child. (Heartwarming.) This is Erin Barry, Brent Barry, Tony Parker, and Eva Longoria. (OK, that’s aloof uncomfortable.)
So in one day, we’ve gone from “they’re not accepting divorced” to “not alone are they accepting divorced, but Longoria is already about administration capacity why…and not alone do the capacity absorb a adulation triangle, they additionally tangentially absorb the guy who already did this:”


  1. The second picture is of Antoine Walker and his ex Evelyn Lozada, not Erin or Brent Barry. Walker and Lozada have nothing to do with this story. Wrong picture used.

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