November 25, 2010

The myth and history of Dracula movie and its literature exposed

The origin of Dracula started around 1897 by the vampire novel and he movie also from Bram Stoker. But still the curious to watch the original dracula movie is the dream of many people in the world. The vampire Dracula movie is most popular at all the time when it really started in Romania’s Transylvania. Now the Dracula movies are Gothic castle and snow covered ground and forbidding forests because they are digging more into the Romania’s history.
Dracula Movie

Vlad was the blueprint for the vampire count Dracula literature.  Dracula movies are having not only the vampire but also the two fifty years old and more than that history of Romania with it. The Stoker character was much influenced in the vampire depth level of identity. But not much surprise that that latest Dracula movies are tapping into the aspect of vampire.  What we are experiencing from the Dracula movies are great stuff that their fans are putting things together and it is very much informative at the moment. Visit the dracula movie dot net for more and more interesting fact about the movie and of course the real story and myth behind the movie and literature of Dracula. Have a vampire visit as well!!!

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