November 11, 2010

Top secret to avoid friends. Avoid friends from facebook, twitter and tips to stop your friendship

 Open friend vices Loud on public

Top secret of your friend like smoking, his comments on something like “I never believe that I managed to go home finally  after  whiskey sour!”.Expose on face book, twitter or any public area.

Too much of sharing
Friends sometime what to keep many things as secret but if you tend to share all of your things which involves your friend to others will make him unhappy.. One of the best way to avoid friends..

Hate all people and all

When your friends start talk on some people you dislike and make then angry like wise if he or she start on any topic you just start argue that it.. You don't want to try much it will make them more angry and easily you can break them.

Passive and aggressive In asking status and updates

Talk like you are more possessive on him. "You are always for me, How come you spend time on cinema", "I am the person to take care, Don't go out without me" and many more..

Curious on breakup
You never know that your friend will get angry on talking about his braekup relations like last day I met your old best friend "Looks very cute and smart!!!"..

Express all these things on facebook, orkut, twitter, or any social media.. sure you can get rid of the person's friendship with no doubt...

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