December 5, 2010

Cricket world is redefined with new avatar with cricketavatar

The game of cricket gets yet another avatar with redefined daily updated blog cricketavatar[dot]blogspot[dot]com. The review of cricket matches and the cricketing teams are awesome. In compare with other review sites or cricket blog, the most important fact in this blog is that the cricket is truly explained. Either critics or the appreciation or what so ever that the blog is well balanced. 
Cricket avatar
This is the place where all the cricket related blogs can be found as a link. Finally I would recommend the fans of cricket can visit this blog and get the complete encyclopedia of cricket. It might be that the Indian fans are fast enough to know that the match result and the upcoming schedule but this blog did not miss to provide that facility. There is no doubt that this blog create a new avatar for cricket and especially for Indian cricket and fans. In general it talks about the ongoing cricket tournament, international cricket and Indian cricket especially, the player profile and their positive and negative and much more. 
Cricket avatar

Finally I would say that this is the blog of redefining the truth and review of cricket arena. The complete cricket blog is rocking in the cricket world and Indian cricket in particular.

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