December 29, 2010

My best blog of the day: Yarnhoj’s musical way of doing personal blog

I have come across so many blogs in my blogging world but this is the first time I come and explored a very good blog about the individual personal blog. I am little surprised once gone through all the topics that Yarnhoj writes on his personal blog. I personally felt more attached with his blog and wanted to have such a kind of personal blog for me as well. What a surprise that he kept this blog as his personal daily diary where he noted each and every incident that he comes across in the day.
Yarnhoj personal blog

I like Yarnhoj’s musical interest and I am sure that his music will make him more perfect and I am sure that the music interest and dedication will also make people to do dedicated job for long time as like this blog reached 100 posts with the same interest and energy level. The blog is very simple with design and very well fit for his information and sharing. The posts are also some time very short but it is very crispy. No doubt that I am now big fan of this site for what so ever reason and would like to continue at any cost. Hope Yarnhoj can love to do more such nice post as like he did in the past.

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