January 18, 2011

Get ready for next European Poker Tour and the France Poker Series with poker stars

It is very interesting to discuss about the real poker game which is very famous in France. There are so many histories on poker that some people says poker came from As Nas, some says that it came from poque and more. Never mind, where it come from but the truth is that this is too popular across the world and it too good entertainment for the people.

No wonder that the game is too popular in internet and TV with more than 35 million players. When it comes to internet, http://www.pokerstars.fr is consistently proving the best poker star games. They are licensed to operate in France. The leader of poker, the poker star providers free tables and the bonus poker with other sites combination.  The poker star is very special in providing the different variants of pokers software such as Stud, Omaha, Hold'em, HORSE and 8-game. This makes the life easy for pokers and they can choose the best for them. Very interestingly it can make the new players to become fan of it. Share the experience with poker stars elite group and get whatever you want to have in poker from the poker stars.

Poker star software is very easy to install and create an account to play the game online. The support is awesome for the poker software from poker stars. So get ready for the biggest tournament (separate for male and female poker players) from poker stars online and live as well and get your popularity in poker games with experts. All these tournaments are available in the software that are comes from poker star. Make a note of next European Poker Tour and the France poker Series and be there to become the real poker. Of course the participation of these tournaments will also make you to participate on their TV shows and get matched with special players like Arnaud Mattern, Thomas Bichon, Vanessa Rousso and many more.

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