February 1, 2011

A blog tour to China. Great experience to know about a Girl of China

Very interesting to see the blog from china which talks about the life of Chinese world and it is really a great imitative from the china girls. I could see that this blog is started to talk about a Chinese girl’s life but it is extended its wings to also write about the various things that are impacting china as well as the world.

Information is wealth is the one commonality between my blog as well as this blog because the intention of doing blog is to make awareness to people and to share the things that we know. I am sure that this china blog is great to have. It is talking about a Chinese girl's life to food, news, travel, cloths, fashion and much more. The blog is very simple and love to read information but very powerful in information sharing. Thanks and congrats to blog owner for such a nice blog. I am more passionate about this blog and motivated to write such informative posts in future.

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