February 8, 2011

World's Best ID Scanner from CSSN the card scanning solution!

Are you looking for the top most id scanner for reading any type of cards? Here is the very interesting id scanner from card-reader.com which can read most of the documents which are used by public. The intelligence in the innovative product idScan is extremely unique and the competitor is no more near the idScan product. The scanner is reading the printed information on both sides of the document and it has the capability of converting both image and text.

The idScan product is really very interesting because it reads any type of cards such as the driver licenses, insurance cards, passports, business cards, photos and so on. The extracted picture or the text can be exported to any type of applications in the computer such as FTP, email or any other apps.

Buy the idScan OCR software just for 499 dollar and get the twelve month warranty and thirty days money back guarantee. Start use the scan to file software (id scanner) and get the most of it like more the 50 state info, automatic card scan and detection, read magnetic strips, OCR & 2D barcodes and several other features. The CSSN card scanning solution is really a relief to many people who want to read the documents. Thanks for the great application and no doubt the product is really rocking with advanced technology

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