July 5, 2011

Most wanted Alcatel-Lucent FemtoCell infrastructure

It is my pleasure to write about more than hundred your old most sustained company’s product in my blog for you. The current telecom world is always looking for high availability and the best quality. No users wanted to wait even a second for any application if they want to access. Alcatel-Lucent is believed to be the best high availability and quality manufacture in the world. The company is dare to dream small event with big endings..
Today, Alcatel-Lucent and its femtocell technology is the gift for this world to grow. The femtocell technology is really important to boost up the signal where you have the low signals. The residential Femtocells helps to achieve high availability and this can be used for residential or small office or the place where signal is very low. Femtocell product from Alcatel-Lucent is actually fully automatic setup which requires plug and play through internet services. It gives the five bars of signal to you and your family with better quality voice calls. But not only voice service and also high data quality is possible with the presence of Alcatel-Lucent residential femtocells product family. The spatiality feature of the Alcatel-Lucent femtocell product family is that it reduces the power consumption like other ALU products and also gives more life time to mobile battery without using anything extra resources but using the existing mobile technology. More information can also be found from Wilson-street blog of Alcatel-Lucent.

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